Children should wear appropriate swimwear as follows:


A washable swim nappy with elasticated legs and waist affords the best protection.  It is useful to have two pairs incase one pair is soiled during lessons.  Please lift the baby out of the water and leave the pool immediately if your child soils his pants.  Keep careful watch on your babies face for straining or other signs that they may want the toilet.

Wearing several pairs of nappies only means that it can take longer to detect a problem.  Be reassured babies and children very very rarely poo in the pool.


Should wear trunks or short swim shorts no longer than half way between crutch and knee.


Should  wear a swimming costume.

All children should have long hair tied back or wear a swimming hat.


We don’t recommend the use of goggles for children until they are competent length swimmers, swimming 400m+.

Young children endlessly fiddle with goggles during lessons.  they regularly fill with water or fall off when jumping in.  They also give false confidence.  If a child should fall in water by mistake, minus the goggles, they could panic if unused to getting water in their eyes.

However, when a child can swim competently and manage the fitting of goggles they make swimming more pleasurable.

If children have an allergic reaction to water chemicals, they may wear goggles at any age.  Correctly fitting goggles should cover the eyes adhering to the face when moist, without the use of the strap around the head.