Our Teaching

Our Teaching

Our teaching is focused on children, pupils join the club at all ages and abilities.  They are grouped by ability rather than age.

Most babies are fearless and if brought to the sessions regularly without a break will almost always progress quickly.  Consequently we have children who swim in length groups as young as 3 years old.

The children are taught in groups of eight with a teacher and one or two assistants (depending on availability).

We teach in the water with the children for much of the time and are therefore close at hand to give moral support as well as individual tips to aid progress.

Our children are taught core skills including:

  • Learning to  float, swim front and back paddle and tread water.
  • All four strokes: Front crawl, Back crawl, Breast stroke,Butterfly, starts and turns.
  • Additional skills such as: sculling, swimming underwater.  They also swim in clothes to acquire important survival and life saving skills.

At Splash our ethos is child-centric,  we  provide all children with the skills they need to become fully competent swimmers.

Parents wanting their children to progress at an increased rate often book their children in to swim twice a week, giving them an extra opportunity to further their badge collection, perfect their skills and improve their fitness levels.

Many of our children represent their schools in inter-school galas and swim for their counties.  A recent ex-pupil has broken into the UK top 10 for her age group at back-crawl.