We use ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) and STA (Swimming Teachers Association) badge schemes. The various badges are detailed below.

Distance Swim Badges


5m  10m  15m  20m  25m  can all be gained by swimming front or back paddle.
50 to 1 mile meter badges must be swum in an individual or mixture of recognized strokes.

Skills Badges

The first skill badge is the Puffin. This is achieved by kicking legs whilst holding on to a woggle or noodle.  Children as young as a year have been known to pass this badge.

Children then progress though the following badges:

  • Duckling 1-5 awards.
  • ASA level 1-12.

Also available are Challenge Badges 1-2+,  Bronze, Silver, Gold and Honors.

And personal survival – Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Parents should check with the teacher at the end of each term to see what their child has achieved.